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100% Linen Bakers' Couche Cloths

Used to support baguette and ciabatta type loaves during the final proofing or rise, once you use a genuine linen couche you'll be amazed at how it adds to your breadmaking.


Linen has special properties which mak it the ideal fabric for breadmaking. Baking Parchment just isn't a substitute.


It can absorb a lot of moisture before feeling damp; one of the functions of the couche is to draw moisture from the outer layer of the bread dough to give a good crust.


It also contains plant waxes which, when combined with the flour added to and held within the weave of the cloth creates an essentially non-stick surface - these waxes are what gives ironed linen its sheen, and one of the reasons why washing these cloths is to be avoided.


These are made for us in France by a tiny husband and wife company.


100% untreated, unbleached linen, made in France.




Loaves can be rolled off the couche with a little manoeuvring of the fabric, avoiding handling.


  • Cut edges overstitched to avoid fraying.

  • Heavy weight, professional grade fibre with enough weight to stay in shape

  • 60cm width makes the most of most home kitchen work-surfaces without becoming difficult to manage.

  • Other sizes available to order; please ask for a quote on our contact form.