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Rattan Cane Banneton Oval and Rectangular Bread Dough Proving Proofing Basket Brotform

  • £17.00

Natural Rattan Coiled Cane Banneton Bread Proving / Proofing Basket

This traditional coiled-cane banneton will shape your loaf - Suitable for all types of bread dough.

Measurements at top rim (approximate, natural materials and may vary:

500g Rectangular 25cm x 4.5cm x  8cm high external approximately 

1Kg Oval 35cm long x 14cm  wide x 7cm high external approximately


The coils dusted with flour give your bread the pattern so typical of artisan loaves.

The coils are constructed in such a way that the top coil is a single piece, giving a strong and smooth top edge.

Includes instructions for care and storage.

Stated dough capacity means weight of flour + weight of water (+ weight of starter for a sourdough loaf)weight e.g. 300g flour + 200g/ml water would be 500g of dough.

It's difficult to be precise about banneton capacity. White wheat flours tend to be slightly less dense than whole wheat or rye, so these bannetons will hold slightly more non-white dough).

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