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Covid-19 Updates & FAQs

Tuesday 21 April 2020

We had to close our shop for new orders for a few days and have just finished packing and shipping. The hugely increased order volume had overwhelmed us.

All orders placed before now have been shipped.

We may have to close again depending on our workload.

Please be aware that we are passing items to Royal Mail less frequently at the moment to reduce contact both ways.


Where's My Order?

If you have had a Confirmation of shipping email then it is on its way with Royal Mail.

Orders may take longer than usual to get to you; particularly in the cities.

Please consider when you had the shipment notification and give it a few more days than you normally would before you email us.

Royal Mail will not consider a parcel lost until 20 days after the expected delivery date, and we don't expect them to be able to give us much assistance at the moment.


When will you be getting more xyz in?

We don't know. Several popular items are on their way but they come from the Continent and we can't commit to when they will arrive.

If there's something in particular you want in the near future and it's "Sold Out", please navigate to the exact product page even though it says "Sold Out" and sign up on each exact product page for an email notification.

WAIT - this is SLOOOW to load. We are looking at why.

This can be slow to load; works for me on Firefox desktop; currently gives you a terrifying "Warning" message when you succeed.


 In normal times we'd make a note and email the person, but these are not normal times. Please don't email us asking this question.


Can I get an order sent to an address outside the UK?

Sorry, but (April 2020) we just can't administer this during this crisis, so will have say no until the world situation changes. We love dealing with our international customers but we're not set up to handle this efficiently right now.


Thank you. We are glad to be helping feed the nation in our small indirect way.