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750g Triangular With Christmas Tree German-made Banneton, Brotform or Proving Basket

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750g Christmas Tree Banneton Brotform Bread Dough Proving Basket

Takes up to 750g weight of mixed dough - should give a nice result with at least 500g.

Each side internal measurement approximately 24cm at the rim

The breadform leaves a very subtle raised Christmas Tree shape on the loaf when the loaf is baked. Results will vary with the springiness of the dough.

If you want a 750g banneton but not the pattern, you can de-emphasise by slashing the dough across the Christmas tree before baking.

It's a good idea to put e.g. poppy or sunflower seeds in the moulding if you want to enhance the effect. 

When I initially ordered one of these for myself, I was quite cynical about them.

 I'd been using an oiled plastic bowl as a sustitute, and it didn't work very well; sticking was a particular issue with a soft sourdough.

After improvising for so long, I was actually amazed at how these really ease the proofing and dough-to-oven process.

Prepared properly, the dough just slides out of them with ease onto your baking surface. The patterns on the "basket" leave their imprint on the dough just like a traditional cane banneton/brötform.

The material's properties really add something to your bread production; the pulp absorbs water from the surface of the dough, improving the crust and the surface of the basket holds enough flour to allow even fairly wet dough to release easily.

The baskets are made of pulped German spruce wood, a sustainable material. They've been made the same way since 1920.

  • Before the first use, spray very lightly with water and sprinkle well with flour.
  • Just before baking, turn the loaf out of the banneton onto a floured baking tray, baking stone or into a preheated ceramic or cast iron covered baker.
  • Slash the surface of the bread with a grignette or lame, to allow steam to escape and a better rise, and place straight into a hot oven.
  • Flour well before use, and dry well between uses.
  • Avoid doughs with sugar, eggs or fat.
  • Cover the dough with a damp cloth, plastic sheet or clingfilm; do not use oiled plastic.

There is a caresheet included with the brötform.

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