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WireMonkey UFO Corbeau Lame or Grignette

  • £42.50

Price includes First Class UK P&P

This innovative lame craftsman-made by WireMonkey in New York.

The material is based on recycled paper. It is durable and the perfect material for kitchen use. The UFO Corbeau is matte black and the texture is addictive to the touch. The stainless hardware is custom and the screw features a ball end for comfort.

Here are some of the benefits of this compact design:

- Ultimate fine control over scoring.
- Ambidextrous.
- No more cuts for blade holders!
- Blade can be stored inside for safety.
- No thumb wheels to snag on your dough.
- No more lost blades (if you are a blade holder, you know what we're talking about).
- No tools or thumb screws to open or close.
- Handmade and designed by Tyler in the USA.

One Japanese Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum coated double edge blade included.

Please note that the hardware is silver, not the gold seen in the photos. 


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