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Book - Whole Grain Sourdough at Home Whole Grain Sourdough at Home: The Simple Way to Bake Artisan Bread with Whole Wheat, Einkorn, Spelt, Rye and Other Ancient Grains - Elaine Boddy

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This beginner-friendly resource provides everything you need to know to make your own artisan style sourdough bread at home, using healthier, less-processed grains.

Elaine Boddy

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Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781645671107

Published: 01 Oct 2020

Publisher: Macmillan [1570]

Dimensions: 192 pages - 228 x 198 x 12mm

This health-focused guide is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to make sourdough bread from ancient and whole grains. These approachable recipes, with step-by-step pictures and helpful tricks, will be an introductory course to the large number of people looking to bake sourdough from all-natural ingredients, that still yield its quintessential taste and texture.

This collection covers everything you need to know about baking sourdough with alternative grains - making a starter from scratch, helpful baking equipment, tackling common problems - so readers walk away feeling like gurus.

Recipes address the specific challenges of baking with different grains, offering detailed instructions as well as troubleshooting guides, so readers can fix whatever problems they encounter along the way, making the process nearly foolproof.

Perfect Elaine’s easy-to-follow Master Recipe and then apply it to breads made from alternative flours for a rewarding, cleaner product. Enjoy a range of sourdoughs made from wholegrain, rye, einkorn, spelt and more, as well as inventive recipes that play off your starter, such as Spelt and Cheese Focaccia and Buttermilk Sourdough Scones.

Recipes combine ancient grains and white flour, for a delicious outcome that clearly reflects Elaine’s hard work in coming up with the perfect flour ratios for the best ancient grain sourdough. This book has 60 recipes and 60 beauty photographs.