Cane Proving Basket Care



Coat the banneton so well with flour that you can't see the gaps between the ribs. Takes practice, takes gentle handling, wastes flour. Rice flour can be good for this, it's kind of "slipperier" than wheat.


Getting bits of dough off.

I have cane bannetons that I have left in a boiler cupboard for months and everything will knock off then, no use if you want to actually USE it.

Either dry it out REALLY well by leaving it in a dry and slightly warm place for a few days and knock it off on a firm surface,


try leaving a soaked cloth on a patch of it until you can wipe it off.


  • A medium-firm brush after drying it for a few days is the official way to remove dried flour - you can try e.g. a dry vegetable brush if you have one or buy our banneton brush.