Woodpulp Proving Basket Care


At TheBreadCompany, we have been very impressed with the performance of these and hope you will be too. They have been manufactured in Germany from sustainable spruce wood since the 1920s.

 Compared to traditional woven cane baskets, these;

  • Have better heat insulation which is useful if you don't have a proofing cabinet.

  • Dough is less inclined to stick as the basket holds flour more easily due to its texture and increased surface area.

  • Have the ability to absorb moisture and gives it back to the dough as needed, which improves the rise and crust formation. We LOVE the ease of slashing the dough surface these provide.

  • Are easier to clean – no awkward crevices. 

Please follow the advice below, and contact us if you have any problems at:



  • The baskets are only for proofing and forming bread dough; not to be used in the oven.

  • Before first use, dust the bannetons with flour – Rice flour is very good but of course wheat or rye are traditional and perform well. A very light misting with water from a spray bottle first will help the flour stick to the basket. However this is not essential.

  • Handle the floured basket gently (tapping as you might a greased/floured bread tin will result in too much of the flour coming off! Try shaking gently.)

  • Flour the banneton before subsequent uses; in time this may be less necessary.

  • If the dough does not release easily, flouring may have been insufficient. For very wet (“high-hydration”) doughs consider purchasing one of the knitted cotton liners available for this range.


  • Brush inside every few uses with a stiff brush to remove excess flour and any dried dough.

  • Before storing please let the bannetons dry thoroughly. Never stack moist bannetons. Store in a dry place; beware of humid kitchens.

  • After 4-12 weeks depending on usage, put the bannetons in an 130°C (260°F) oven for about 45 minutes. This is to kill moulds, bacteria and anything else that might lurk on the product.

  • The manufacturer advises that commercial bakeries should install an ultraviolet lamp in their fermentation chamber and use this to sterilise overnight.