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Baguette Flipping Board 40cm

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If you make baguettes at home, you've probably struggled to move the proved loaf from your couche cloth without distorting the shape or deflating the dough. Also, if you have a standard domestic oven, it's too narrow for full-length baguettes and batards.

Variously known as a planche à couche, planchette, rammase-pain or flipping board, this simple tool in the style used by French bakers has been made by us specifically for making baguette and similar loaves in a standard domestic oven.

This solid Beech board has been designed in a shorter 40cm length - a traditional 60-80cm board is unnecessarily long and harder to handle at home.

To use: straighten/flatten the end of your couche cloth closest to you, place the lightly-floured board gently next to the baguette.

Lift the fold between the first and second baguette to roll the loaf onto the board. From there the bagutte can be rolled onto a peel or indeed from the board directly into the oven.

  • Made for us in Europe from Beech
  • 40cm x 11cm x 0.5cm
  • Bevelled at the ends for easier handling
  • Hole for hanging and handling
  • Can also used as a peel for moving long thin loaves to the oven.
  • Please don't put in the dishwasher - handwash gently and dry immediately.