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Baker's Lame or Grignette for Slashing Scoring Bread Dough with Blades

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To purchase item with razor blades you need to be 18 or over. We use age verification services and reserve the right to cancel your order if you are under 18.

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Baker's Blade - Lame or Grignette

With Translucent Box for storage of the tool and spare blades. 

We've had GREAT feedback on this item from buyers!

To slash bread dough just before baking to control how the dough expands, allowing steam to escape, and to make an attractive pattern in the baked bread.

TheBreadCompany is very proud of our own design grignette. Noticing how many grignettes and lames require special configuration blades (which are often similar to ordinary razor-blades but more expensive) we have had these high-quality handles manufactured in Europe especially for us.

You can turn the blade so that all 4 corners are used equally before disposing of the blade.


  • Accepts any standard razor blade - supplied with 5 or 10 blades.

  • Stainless Steel shaft

  • Beech Handle in Natural or Dark Stained. 

  • Suitable for left- or right-handed use.

  • Curve of blade can be adjusted. A big curve is especially suitable for cutting the deep “ear” flaps in baguettes, giving a greater opened crust.

  • Overall length 18cm

  • Blade Length 4cm

  • Translucent Box for safe storage included.
  • The blades come in a handy pack that will also safely contain the used blades - you can slide the used blade into the narrower lower slot for safe disposal.
  • Please don't put in the dishwasher!