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Danish Dough Whisk

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Beautiful European quality from a Sustainably-managed family-owned forest.  Lacquered Beech and Stainless Steel.

Designed for easy blending of ingredients for thick and thin doughs, these whisks are traditionally known as Danish Dough Whisks. (In fact they're all made in Eastern Europe nowadays).

We read rave reviews on many bread forums and just had to try them ourselves.

With much less surface area compared to a wooden spoon, it mixes faster, requires less force, combines ingredients more evenly, and doesn't overwork the dough in the process.

They are very efficient for the initial mixing of flour, water, starter or yeast for bread, but also any initial, blending of ingredients; one of those tools you can use for far more than their stated purpose.

35 cm long with a 6 cm head.


37 cm with an 8.5 cm head.


They're also good for removing doughnuts from hot oil or dumplings out of boiling water.

Please don't put in the dishwasher!