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Plastic Dough Scraper

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Smooth, semi-rigid Plastic Dough Scraper with a curved edge and plain finish which are made of food safe polypropylene.

I use these as a budget or beginners alternative to a big metal scraper for handling and turning bread doughs, particularly really wet ones like many sourdoughs.

  • Scraping dough or cake batter from bowls and work surfaces.
  • Makes washing up easier.
  • No sticky hands.
  • Slicing bread, pastry or scone dough.
  • Being plastic, they don't mark wooden or worktop surfaces.
  • Use to scrape a couche cloth gently without damaging the linen.
  • Scraping cake batter from large mixing bowls.
  • One piece, flat, very easy to clean and store.

14.7 x 9.8 cm.


Heat resistant up to +125 °C. The curved edge is designed to go around bowls and collect the maximum amount of dough.