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Round 18cm Rattan Cane Banneton with Liner Bread Dough Proving Proofing Basket

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Natural Coiled Cane Banneton Bread Proving / Proofing Basket with Liner

This traditional coiled-cane banneton will shape your loaf - Suitable for all types of bread dough.

External diameter at top rim 18cm x 8cm deep (approximate, natural materials may vary)

The coils dusted with flour give your bread the pattern so typical of artisan loaves.

Includes instructions for care and storage.

Stated dough capacity means weight of flour + weight of water (+ weight of starter for a sourdough loaf)weight e.g. 300g flour + 200g/ml water would be 500g of dough.

It's difficult to be precise about banneton capacity. White wheat flour doughs tend to be slightly less dense than whole wheat or rye, so these bannetons will hold slightly more non-white dough).