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Wire Monkey Wooden UFO Lame Care Kit - Brush and Oil - Last One, Cosmetic Second

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Last One, Cosmetic Second
(Brush wood naturally discoloured, Label has been oiled!)

Included in this cleaning kit is one bottle of Wire Monkey's fractionated coconut oil and one fine bristle brass brush.

This little kit enables you to clean stubborn flour out of your wooden Wire Monkey gear, but the oil and brush can be used on other wooden kitchen utensils and your cutting boards. Fractionated coconut oil will not go rancid and is odourless.

Say no to petroleum based mineral oil and yes, to natural coconut!

Oil is 2 USoz / a little over 2 UK oz / 59ml. 

UFO NOT included. 

Sadly this is a little expensive to post in proportion to its value; UK shipping included in the price.